Sunday 5 August 2018

Best of frenz

Ha! By pure coincidence, Rod Liddle has produced a perfect analysis of Ahed Tamimi’s conversation with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on yesterday’s Channel 4 news.

“The present crisis within the Labour party reminds me of the time when I was filming a television documentary in Palestine a few years back. One after another the interviewees lined up in that flyblown, arid landscape. Grizzled old thugs from Al-Fatah. Sinister bespectacled little Hamas factotums. Peasant farmers, middle-class teachers, landowners and scruffy teenagers in Barcelona shirts. In front of the camera they all said the same thing: ‘Jews are our frenz. We have no quarrel with Jews. Only the Israeli state!’ And then, when the camera was turned off, they all said the same thing. ‘There is a reason nobody likes them, isn’t there?’ And ‘Nobody will tell the truth because they control the media.’ And ‘The United States and Britain are run by Jews.’
This happened not once but every time, with every interview, once the camera was turned off. A deep, immutable and deranged hatred drawn directly from a sacred text.”

I don’t know which is worse P.R. for prisoner welfare. Ahed’s weight gain or Tommy Robinson’s weight loss. Yes, I do. I think it’s marginally worse to be afraid of being poisoned by your enemies than being fattened up by them.

Of course, the MSM’s take on the Tamimi family enterprise is grossly one-sided. Palestinian demands are treated as if they’re perfectly reasonable. What exactly does justice for the Palestinians mean?  “Palestine” must be a multi-cultural one-state-for-all, as it was before 1947. Jews are our frenz.

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