Saturday 11 August 2018

And I have the right to do that!

See all the leftie SJWs defending a woman’s right to wear the burka. All those earnest self-righteous dopes who have to pretend that people who go out ‘dressed as letterboxes’ are expressing individuality and freedom of choice. They can’t afford to acknowledge (the glaringly obvious fact) that burka-wearing women have been indoctrinated with bizarre and warped ideas about modesty via their culture and/or religion and that the burka signifies a hostile variety of illiberal religious conservatism; the antithesis of western values. 

I’m recording you so I can report you later on. And I have the right to do that!

Channel 4 'biting wit'

I had the misfortune to watch the first part of “The Last Leg’ tonight. It’s supposed to be an edgy take on topical issues with daring, risky and risqué humour. The title, and a kind of running joke, refers to the fact that the host and the fellow with the deformed hands both have a missing lower limb. 

These supposedly daring comedians were defending the burka and desperately straining to produce cutting-edge quips and insults about Boris; the wittiest they could managing were “twat”, “toff”, “Tory”  and “Eton”. 

The Australian host made a serious speech to camera, starting from the premise that ladies in burkas are perfectly ordinary ‘just-like-us’ progressives who happen to like covering themselves from head to foot with black cloth and anyone who disagrees is right-wing, illiberal and a fascist who is making a cynical bid to be Prime Minister. 

Their very zeal obscures from them the fact that this hypothesis is the complete reverse of the actuality; nor can they see that Muslim women parading round in this ludicrous outfit are making an implicitly negative judgment of the idiots who are determined to make fools of themselves defending it.

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  1. But the BBC have to address the issue of why they aren't investigating their own programmes and contributors - people like Stephen Fry, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton - for making similar "letterbox" jokes about the Burka...


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