Saturday, 5 November 2016

Headlines about headlines

The leading story on the BBC News website this morning is:

Of its 32 paragraphs you'll find just two that feature someone (Stephen Glover of the Daily Mail) defending the newspapers. Nearly all of the rest of the report consists of criticism of the papers - and of the government for not criticising the papers (and nearly all of it comes from Remain supporters).


  1. This is just more of the same from the BBC. The real disgrace was the November 3rd banner BBC News website headline across the top of the header page (a display normally reserved for important headlines):

    'Brexit Court Defeat for UK Government'.

    The sub-plot here is that the BBC wish to announce to the world at large, that Brexit might yet be scuppered. This course of action has gone way beyond the traditional BBC bias - the BBC are now taking their part in a series of anti-democratic tactical moves designed to halt the Brexit process and thwart the will of the majority of UK voters.

    All afternoon of the 3rd Nov, the newsreaders and political correspondents, (Norman Smith for instance) simply couldn't conceal their excitement at this news.

    What strange times we live in. On the Remain In side, the BBC was forced into an uncomfortable alliance with David Cameron and George Osborn - Tories they had been reviling at every opportunity (HIGNFY etc). A remain outcome to the referendum allowed the BBC to bury the hatchet during the run-up to the vote.

    Now, the BBC have sided with the London-based city-slickers who brought (or should I say bought) the court case intended to stymie the Brexit process. Aren't these the people that were rounded upon by the BBC as being responsible for the banking crisis? Nick Clegg (no longer the Lib-Dem Leader) who had been totally ignored by the BBC has suddenly come to the fore because, coincidently, he shares the BBC view of Brexit.

    Where does the BBC stand? At present they are alienating the majority of ordinary people in the UK who will react strongly against these efforts to 'upset the apple cart'.

  2. Always disturbing to see the state broadcaster tryng to stifle the free press

  3. They are enemies of the people! They are attempting to crush the democratic process and erode our right to make change in our own country. Go daily mail!