Sunday 27 November 2016

Donnie Darkmouth

One of the unusual moments during Mark Mardell's Thanksgiving bash came when Mark called the election-campaigning Donald Trump "Donnie Darkmouth". It's a phrase he appears to like as he also used it in his latest BBC News website blog post:
Because the President-elect was so brutally frank about his extreme prescriptions on the road to power, he can afford to tone it down a bit now. Donnie Darkmouth can, to an extent, morph into Temperate Trump.
Where did he get that from? Neither Google nor Twitter are bringing up any results for 'Donnie Darkmouth'. Did he borrow it from someone or make it up himself?



    Could it be this connection?

    Darkmouth is a blighted village - it sees to be a series about catastrophic events, monster-haunting and all the rest. :)

    If it's not coming up himself then Lardy Mardy probably made it I just made up Lardy Mardy. Or perhaps someone else got there first.

  2. Assume it's a reference to Donnie Darko.


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