Wednesday 16 November 2016

"How does his act strike you?"

The IEA's Christopher Snowdon used Twitter to sum up the Trump coverage on last night's Newsnight:

There was also the Dutch finance minister on Brexit ("a lose-lose situation" for Britain), heralded by an anti-Boris editorial from James O'Brien (about Boris getting something in the Treaty of Rome wrong). JO'B then asked the Dutch minister what he thought of Boris's "act" and was sarcastic about "Brexit means Brexit" while asking him about what he thought Brexit means. 

Not remotely impartial.


  1. O'Brien is so thick he doesn't even know how to cloak his bias in deniability (where are his "some say" and his "do you agree with those who say"?)

    The man's a disgrace, a non-journalist, a fake news purveyor.

    And what about the way he treated Sidelsky? Again, because he's thick he doesn't realise you're supposed to treat such "experts" with due deference - watch how Evan does it if you don't understand!!! He ended up making Sidelsky look ridiculous as well as himself, and of course globalism can only succeed if the expertocracy maintain their exhalted position.

    I have a feeling O'Brien's days at Newsnight may be numbered. He was only put in there on the dubious basis that as he was working for a private Radio station he must be a "balancing" voice, a counterweight to all the other in house lefties. But as he's tried to outdo the inhouse lefties with his propaganda pitch, he's managed to undermine that strategy and - he's crap at the job anyway.

  2. If Norman is William Joyce, Jim B'Ob is Goering. Keep him.


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