Sunday 27 November 2016


The recent news that the BBC is cracking down (for cost reasons) on well-known presenters flying off on foreign jaunts to cover big stories and, instead, confining them to carrying out “two-way” interviews from the studio with correspondents on the ground doesn't seem to have reached the offices of The World This Weekend. 

BBC 'frequent flier' Mark Mardell managed to wangle himself a BBC-funded trip to Washington and Pennsylvania this week. 

The reason for going to Pennsylvania? To attend a family's Thankgiving dinner and talk Trump over the turkey. 

That's nice for him.

The focus of his report was on the 'divided nation'/'divided family' question. He talked to supporters of both candidates (though disgruntled Democrat supporters predominated). 


  1. As always, the US is more 'polarized' than ever before. But it's never the fault of the side Mardell supports, is it?

    And we've heard that story before about the BBC promising - cross their heart, hope to die, stick a needle in their eye, this time we promise we'll really do it - to cut the ridiculous amount of high-profile Beeboids traipsing around the US to opine from on high about the savage natives. Never mind the expense: why would anyone think all these people are experts on US politics and their opinions are valuable contributions? They can't all be so knowledgeable and insightful on US issues.

    It's a combination of profligacy and arrogance. So nasty Tory budget cuts aren't going to curtail this for long.

  2. It's like what the BBC says, and does, are two totally different things.

    Trust me.


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