Saturday 26 November 2016

"Critics saw him as a dictator"

The BBC News website's main article on the death of Fidel Castro begins:

The last sentence there has understandably raised eyebrows. Among the eyebrows raised are those belonging to historian Andrew Roberts, writing at The Spectator


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  2. I guess the Beeboids don't even notice that they're Coco the Clown on this one. What an embarrassment. There's no editorial attempt at impartiality and balance here. This is what BBC staff really think about Castro and Western notions of democracy and liberty. How many Beeboids have retweeted Jean-Claude Juncker's revealing sentiment?

    The BBC worldview is in tatters already, and this is one more blow to their sick psyche. It's been long faces in London and Salford since May 2015, and everyone is noticing.

  3. Here's a question for the BBC - one they might actually worry about: where are all the black people in the Cuban Government? Black or mixed raced Cubans constitute over a third of the population but seem to be invisible at a senior government level.

  4. The Guardian BTL comments are scary, it's unreal how many are fine with somebody taking power by force and then ruling unelected for 50 odd years.

    1. I think my favorite moment of a post-Casto Cuba will be in a few years when some evil white United Statesian car collectors get together to offer a deal and buy up a bunch of those classic cars in relatively pristine shape and bring them back to the US. The wailing and gnashing of teeth over wealthy imperialists stealing the Cuban people's heritage and history will be delightful.

  5. As the Euologies flowed in to Twitter, I noticed a few exchanges coming to an abrupt conclusion when it was asked what happened to most critics.

    A point also ignored by the gift that keeps on giving that is Corbyn. J, according Cuba near NHS reverence it may not owe solely to Fidel, or entirely warrant, or be enough to gloss over the murdery bits.

  6. Fear the far right? Give it a break the current far right, if you are counting Trump and Farage, would be classed as centre right at any other point in our history. The Guardian BTL is a scary insight into how the slightly left think now!

  7. This evening's BBC1 early evening news was given over almost completely to the Castro story. The coverage included plenty of grainy black and white contemporary news footage, which was purely nostalgic - no bloodshed or anything distasteful - all for the purpose of showing a caring Castro as provider of healthcare and education despite the sinister intentions of the nasty USA.

    Kate Silverton ended the ten minute news bulletin with 'and now to other news in brief' after which there were literally three sentences taking less than a minute.


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