Saturday 12 November 2016

"Unbearable bunch of right-on bores..."

The Now Show (BBC Radio 4) - unbearable bunch of right-on bores who think they are funny at the best of times - but today - dearie, dearie me. Some American woman insulting Bush (force of habit) to add to her ranting unfunny insults about Trump. Dreadful rubbish.”

Not my words. A commenter on another site. I daren’t listen. Still traumatised after watching Question Time. 

How can “they” not know what most people are thinking? (Or, if they do know, are they really arrogant enough to think their duty is to re-educate everyone?) 

We’ve been speculating over this conundrum for years. Is it ignorance or malevolence. You decide.


  1. Yes they are that arrogant. How many times do you hear them call people 'uneducated' for not saying/thinking the 'right' things.


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