Saturday 26 November 2016

All four of them

This week's Dateline London discussed Brexit at length. 

Everyone on the panel (from arch-Europhiles Marc Roche, Eunice Goes and Steve Richards to Brexit-doubting American Greg Katz) gave Brexit a thoroughgoing bashing. 

Impartiality was chucked out of the window yet again today, guest-wise. 

No smelling salts are required for that news it has to be said; however, at least Gavin Esler tried harder to ask devil's advocate questions this week.

Others are noticing too, e.g. Dr Richard Wellings of the Institute of Economic Affairs:


  1. Apocalypse now? No horses were harmed.

  2. Excellent. Craig, you should send your Dateline data to Wellings.

  3. Any Questions on Radio 4 on Friday 25th had two Labour members on the panel of four. Both Labour members seemed to be givem far more air time. Alistair Campbell was yet again on the BBC. can they really not find anyone else. I really don't want to hear any more from that man.

  4. Alastair Campbell is a scary fanatic. He's been acting like a crazy man since the referendum. I've heard him shouting "We won't let them!" and he was in similar fanatical mode on that Any Questions. Did you notice that he said "When we were in government"? What "we" is that, Campbell? He was never elected to government or in government. No Civil Servant ever says "When I was in government". They know the difference. He was a mere employee working for the government, even if he thought he was in charge. Talk about a sense of entitlement. And he is using it now to try to stop us leaving the EU and the BBC is facilitating his fanaticism.


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