Sunday 13 November 2016

More on Marr

"photographed gurning with Mr Trump"

Just a couple more random thoughts on this morning's Andrew Marr programme...

In his interview with Jeremy Corbyn today, Andrew Marr repeated a point he'd made three weeks ago (on the 23 October edition):  
It’s said that 9 million Labour voters voted for Brexit...
However, that's no truer this week than it was three weeks ago. Labour received 9,347,304 votes in the 2015 general election. YouGov say that around 35% of Labour voters went for Leave. So I make that just over 3 million Labour voters voting for Brexit. Andrew was clearly way off. Why have none of his colleagues corrected him or told him that what he keeps on saying is frankly impossible?

Andrew was also quite free with his descriptive powers this morning, describing Donald Trump "sitting there like a silverback primate" with his family on CBS and describing Nigel Farage's smile in that photo with Mr Trump as "gurning":
Let me just return to the Farage question because he's photographed gurning with Mr Trump on the front page of the Mail for instance.
I thought it was a lovely smile from Nigel there!


  1. The whole thing was an excuse to push lies and demonize 60 million people.

    We're back to the early Tea Party days with BBC bias, only it's worse now. It really is irrational at this point. You can imagine the nonsense I'm hearing here in NYC and environs.

  2. Not exactly to do with the BBC, but I have to laugh that Nigel Farage is now effectively the EU ambassador to Donald Trump. Martin Schultz, Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker must be spitting feathers. Hilarious!

  3. I wOnder what would have said had he called Obama "a silverback"


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