Sunday 27 November 2016

On to a rainbow

That latest blog post of Mark Mardell's characteristically drips with one-sided mockery.

In some quarters, [Philip Hammond] is already castigated for not sticking to a "happy clappy" script. 
Sensible people agree Brexit is an economic leap in the dark, destination unknown. But to some, acknowledging this is akin to heresy. 
Our leap, they insist, will be on to a rainbow from where we will slide gently to a pot of gold.


  1. Whereas if UK stays in the EU, the future is entirely known and written down. What does this guy have between his ears?

    Seriously ... how is it that so many of the BBC's presenters are allowed to clearly anti Brexit?

    1. It's a mystery.

      "Do President-elect Trump and Nigel Farage both represent the "left behinds"?

      Tub of Mardell certainly does, but in a different sense.

  2. Typical Mardell straw man drivel. Nobody seriously claimed everything would be perfect. And he seems to have been trying to channel the lame metaphors and purple prose of his old BBC America colleague, Matt Frei.

  3. It refers to a surrealist movie called Donnie Darko, which features a sinister giant rabbit-like figure and a lot of apocalyptic visions.

  4. How apt and how funny...a sinister giant rabbit-like figure and a lot of apocalyptic a description of himself!


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