Sunday 27 November 2016

For all his flaws

Andrew Neil is still pursuing the point tonight:

  • Castro' "flaws": 5,600 Cubans murdered by firing squad; 1,200 in “extrajudicial assassinations,” 10s of 1000s jailed/tortured/died escaping.
And on a related theme...

Surely BBC Trending will be reporting the extraordinary (and often very funny) #forallhisflaws and #trudeaueulogies jokes that have swept across Twitter over the past couple of days? 

These hashtags have been a huge (Twitter) phenomenon in the UK (re Jeremy Corbyn's reaction to Castro's death) and in Canada (re Justin Trudeau's reaction to Castro's death). The UK and Canada have united (on Twitter) in derision. 

It will be a good test of BBC bias/impartiality to see if they do report this.

Here are a random selection of #forallhisflaws tweets: 

  • #ForAllHisFlaws, he was renowned for his authoritative leadership. (Attila the Hun)
  • #forallhisflaws, he got people out and about and provided free re-education for the people. (Chairman Mao)
  • #forallhisflaws, though he may have mentioned Hitler a strange amount, the congestion charge worked pretty well. (Ken Livingstone). 
  • #ForAllHisFlaws, he was a champion of European cross-border free movement and was fond of cats. (Vlad the Impaler)
  • #forallhisflaws, he was proficient at caving and could live out of a backpack. (Osama bin Laden)
  • #forallhisflaws, he deeply believed in traditional religion and sincerely sought to restore order to the cosmos. (Darth Vader)
  • #forallhisflaws, he never missed the chance to give a dog a kindly pat on the head. (Joseph Stalin)
  • #forallhisflaws, his monorail system and volcano engineering projects were great achievements. A larger than life leader. (Ernst Stavro Blofeld)
  • #ForAllHisFlaws, he was absolutely committed to ensuring healthcare was free at point of delivery. (Dr Harold Shipman).
  • #Foralltheirflaws, they were dedicated to a cohesive community dedicated to the common good of the collective. (The Borg).
  • #ForAllHisFlaws, he helped develop bonds with neighbouring Zaire and the wider provinces of Libya. (Idi Amin).
  • #ForAllHisFlaws, he didn't skimp on hospitality. (Count Dracula)


  1. All in a good cause, or at least an understandable reaction to a threat, according to Paul Mason, Jeremy Corbyn, and over half the BBC.

  2. #forallhisflaws, it is a well respected and impartial broadcaster (The BBC)

  3. Nope , you can't be right. Nothing on BBC Trending. Probably just some Fake News you fell for...


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