Saturday 12 November 2016

Interesting timing

(h/t a kind reader)

Here's a question: Do you think this:

has anything to do with this, starting next Friday on Amazon Prime?: 

It is certainly interesting timing and, as our reader put it, "strange that the BBC would investigate a private company and show the report on all news broadcasts when there is so much going on in the world".

The BBC News reports in question are based on last night's Inside Out. By coincidence I had a delivery from Amazon Prime today and asked the delivery driver whether anyone had mentioned that programme to him. He said one other person had. He also said that he started at 7.30 am, had 50 deliveries to do and was likely to finish at 1.00 pm, so he didn't feel hard done-by. He said he thought the programme had picked extreme examples. I drew the conclusion from this that, therefore, that programme (which I haven't watched) might well be an example of BBC sensationalism.  

Whether it was also maliciously motivated BBC sensationalism is another question but a question that merits attention,


  1. It's coincidence, surely. After all, the BBC can't simply whip up an investigative report in a few days just to get it out in time for a moment like this. It takes months of planning and research, and they would have had to know this is coming from a long way off, so.....oh, hang on....

  2. 'Inside Out' is or was a peak-time regional programme dealing with local issues. Probably, the BBC's main news programmes are far too busy at present to cover this, so the BBC London Luvvies have pinched 'Inside Out' as a vehicle for their sideswipe at Clarkson and Amazon.

  3. The BBC... pick extreme examples??!? I am shocked, I tell you... shocked!

    Next I'll be finding they rename cats, shaft Tory Lords, rig QT audiences and mKe sure no editor on Newswatch is ever challenged.

    SWMBO now shops almost exclusively via Amazon, from fashion to dog food, and most days I greet a delivery guy at the door. They have so far seemed nothing like as described by the BBC.

    Then again, neither do all the Polish folk we meet around town either.

    It's like the BBC WANTS to create discord.

    Funny how elected representatives see this as essential to protect and maintain at this time.

  4. Now I KNOW I'm getting old! When I saw the BBC's exposé on this, faint alarm bells rang, but I did not immediately make the Clarkson connection. Thank you ITBBCB? for giving me the necessary nudge!


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