Saturday, 5 November 2016


Watching BBC Breakfast this morning (as I really didn't fancy listening to Today today), I kept seeing how they reported the 'The government must condemn the Daily Mail on behalf of the judges' clamour that has gripped the nation since Kirsty Wark first lifted her pitchfork against the Mail on Thursday night, and I was struck by just how openly BBC reporters are expressing their views on matters of controversy now. No 'some say this, and some say that' today.

BBC political reporter Ben Wright repeatedly called the headlines in the Mail, Telegraph, Express and Sun "extraordinary" [meaning it in a bad way], described the criticism of the papers as "unsurprising" [clearly meaning 'understandable'] and was emphatic that, in this case, "of course", the judges were "defending the constitution." He then gave an upbeat take on what the judges ruled and reported all the criticism of the government for not condemning the papers without giving 'the other side' of the argument. In his third appearance (at 9.04), he promptly dismissed the comments of Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover - newly added to the programme's hourly report - as something "every lawyer in the country" would "all disagree with him". 

Ben's latest tweet on the subject, incidentally, re-tweets a link to a Mail-critical piece by ardently Remain-voting lawyer Schona Jolly:

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