Monday, 2 January 2017

I don't agree with Nick

The closing discussion on this morning's Today opened with Nick Robinson saying:
Many words have already been written about what this new year will bring. One thing is certain: We will witness the longest, the toughest, the most complex international negotiations in this country's recent history - the Brexit negotiations, of course, which will begin once Article 50 is triggered by the end of March.
Tim Martin of Wetherspoon's and football agent Rachel Anderson didn't agree with Nick. Both said it needn't be difficult at all. 

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  1. Nick talking balls. All they have to do is take a look a the Canada-EU Free Trade deal and the Swiss treaties. The text for a UK-EU agreement will already have been written up there - will be a simple cut and paste job. On top of that there will be a bit of haggling about residual costs/assets e.g. pensions and so on, continuing rights for EU nationals currently resident in UK (and vice versa) and membership of some schemes like Erasmus, Europol, the European recripocal health arrangements etc. It's not that difficult but ALL Remainiacs want to make it sound like a trying to do quantum mechanics calculation whilst climbing Mount Eiger naked in a Force 9 gale.