Thursday 26 January 2017

Sartorial tip

May I come in?

Here at ITBB we like Melvyn Bragg’s “In our Time”. I know Craig does, and so do I, even though much of it is over my head.

This morning's edition about parasitism was fascinating. Even I could follow it.

But here’s the thing. Do you remember this?  Click on it; (g’wan g’wan) I urge you, as I know most of us can’t be arsed to click  - but if you don’t, you won’t know what I’m talking about - but guess what. Call Anna Hughes immediately! 
Professor Steve Jones has a kind of update on the vexed question of Zebras and the reason for their distinctive markings. 
Never mind the dazzle-ship theory. Don’t trouble yourself with two types of morphogens that work together, one as an “activator,” and one as an “inhibitor.” 
It’s simple. Mosquitos avoid stripes, and if you’re ever in the jungle or a malarial swamp, wear striped trousers. 

Ideal outerwear for the malarial swamp


  1. I hope she wasn't forced to wear those high heels for the photoshoot and could have chosen flats.

  2. So (to coin a phrase), now that the question has been answered, does this mean Anna Hughes' funding will now cease and that she'll finally have to get a job?

  3. Isn't it a barcode? Why shouldn't they have stripes? Aren't stripes rather large from an insects point of view? What is an insects point of view anyway, don't they have different lens systems to humans? Do they see colour?
    Do you know that the stripey tights do weird things when you scroll up and down the page quickly?
    So many questions and so many PhD students unable to answer them.

    1. Mm! It makes her appear to wiggle - but I get a migraine after half an hour or so!


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