Friday 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day Open Thread

Something is apparently happening in Washington today and it seems as if quite a few BBC journalists are there. 

If anything strikes you as being biased about the BBC's coverage of the inauguration of Donald John Trump as the US's 45th president, please let us know. 

So out goes 'Blessed, handsome and crooked' (Barack Hussein Obama: Barack being Swahili for 'blessed', Hussein being Arabic for 'handsome', and Obama being Dholuo for 'crooked')...

....and in comes 'Ruler of the world, God-loved drummer' (Donald John Trump: Donald deriving from the Gaelic name Domhnall means 'ruler of the world', John deriving from the Latin Johannes which comes from the Hebrew y'hohanan meaning 'Jahweh has favoured', and Trump deriving from the Middle High German word trumpe and means 'drummer')


  1. Trump also means fart, of course.

  2. Hussein is a specifically Muslim name, not give for any literal meaning. Hussein was the son of Ali, Mohammed's cousin and supposedly chosen successor as caliph of all Islam. Hussein was killed in some struggle for supremacy, and so his name became synonymous with resistance.

    You can tell a BBC journalist is biased when reporting on Trump because his or her lips are moving, or fingers are typing. Be prepared for four years of a consummate disgrace to journalism. Worse than the Obamessiah worship.

  3. Not so much a direct reference to the Trump speech, but once again Susan Calman sneering at Trump supporters on Friday’s News Quiz. Even now they don’t get it - exactly the condescending attitude that drove the kind of people that Calman feels so superior to into voting for Trump.

    1. I don't think she'll ever get it. She in a BBC cocoon of like-minded licence-fee-funded comedians playing to like-minded BBC studio audiences.


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