Friday 20 January 2017

First impressions....

....courtesy of a clearly somewhat aghast Emily Maitlis during Donald Trump's inaugural speech:


  1. What happened between Minute 10 and Minute 14?

    Someone remind her of the BBC Charter and the limits to how far 'views my own' can be stretched?

    Why do I not find that heartwarming?

    1. Maybe somebody at BBC Central started to fret about the risk of losing the Beeb's seat on AirForce One - just one vengeful flick of the Trumpian pen!

  2. So she "follows" David Duke then?

    Really ... why is she there at our expense? How many BBC "reporters" have flown over to waste their time and our money? There's already an overlarge US based staff.

  3. Of course it's a speech of unity: of Americans. Why would he make a speech about uniting the world? That was for her beloved Obamessiah. Fake News and clear bias from Stage Performer Maitlis.

    Speaking of confusing one's own ideology with reality, did anyone catch Katty Kay taking care to inform her racist viewers who think all black people look alike that the woman who came out the front door was not Michelle Obama?

    We're near the end of the Passion of Obama according to the BBC. All that's left is for the women Beeboids to gather outside the White House, sobbing when they discover His body is no longer there.

    Can't wait to see the BBC's First 100 Days live-blogging about Trump!


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