Saturday 21 January 2017

Protests spreading


  1. I noted that BBC R4 news at 8 am this morning was "pre-reporting" planned worldwide protests against Trump by "10s of thousands". So it's not news, it's actually a prediction and probably a hope.

    If the protests materialise then they can report them all over again. If not, well at least they "reported" once.

    1. Remember the good old days when Paul Mason, the Newsnight impartial Sometimes Economics but always Anger and Protests Editor, would proudly deploy his iEverything kit and 'views his own' twitter feed to coordinate Penny and the girls to the nearest first extinguish and roof access?

    2. It was funny when Jeremy Paxman finally flipped after one of his more excitable pieces from 'it's all kicking off' Athens. Jeremy left the BBC soon after.

  2. The BBC has discovered, like the economist profession, that you can predict any old nonsense you like. It's not Fake's "forecast" made in good faith.


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