Sunday 29 January 2017

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

BBC watchdog presenter Samira Ahmed returns to her hobby-horse:


  1. Dear BBC News Programmes,

    None of your correspondents are leaders of any political parties or are MPs. We are not interested in your opinions which are exactly the same day in and day out, and have been for the past thirty years or more.
    They do not represent the views of most of the British people either but worse than that they give the wrong impression of the whole British people to the rest of the world which causes them direct political and economic harm.
    Considering that we actually pay your wages you could show some respect or at least 'button it'.

    Yours ever,

    Joe Public

    1. The BBC does not do irony.

    2. Brilliant! It drives me mad when the BBC presenter interviews the BBC correspondent/expert in order that 2 people can tell us the same messages.

  2. RTs may not equal endorsement, but Likes do. Good catch.


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