Saturday 21 January 2017

"Hang up your opinions with your coat"

Just going back to Twitter again...

One of the most blatantly biased of all the BBC Twitter feeds I'd ever read, a couple of years or so back, belonged to Damien McGuinness ("BBC correspondent. Berliner. Migrant. Presenter of DW Focus on Europe"). I wrote a post about it at the time. 

And looking at his Twitter feed again now, it hasn't got any more impartial - especially over Brexit.

If you are on Twitter, just keep scrolling down and then search for 'Brexit' and you'll read a deluge of tweets including the word. (I get 224 mentions). They are relentlessly - and I do mean 'relentlessly' - anti-Brexit. It's just one negative news story and anti-Brexit opinion tweeted about, linked to, re-retweeted after another. 

This is a BBC correspondent who clearly doesn't like the idea of us leaving the EU one little bit.

It's a sorry tale of how the UK's "Brexiteers" have come a cropper in Germany today. They got laughed at by German businessmen. The BBC man ends by suggesting that they might come away having learned something.

Here's a flavour:

The whole article reeks of anti-Brexit bias, and pro-Brexit tweeters are already crying foul

Reading Damien McGuinness's BBC-branded anti-Brexit Twitter feed it's impossible not to put this down to bias.


  1. Yes...let's keep checking out their Twitter accounts where we can see the duck feet paddling away like mad...

    Jenny Hill for instance...

    Couple of interesting things there:

    1. The meeting of non-establishment populist parties is referred to as a meeting of "right wing" parties. But in her broadcasts, she refers to them as "FAR right". I think her tweets suggest she really doesn't seen any clear distinction between right wing, far right or fascist parties...they are simply all on the wrong side of history. She only has time for left wing and centrist pro-migration and pro-globalist parties.

    2. When it comes to Trump, Hill seems to see this as a US v Europe battle royal and she is a partisan of the European side:

    "Sigmar Gabriel on form today. In response to Trump's comments on German car industry: 'the US should build better cars'"

    "German vice chancellor hits back at Trump criticism of refugee policy - faulty US interventionist policies prompted refugee crisis in Europe" [Note to Jenny: those would be the interventionist policies of St Barack and St Hillary.]

    "Good morning from Berlin where there is dismay - though I think not surprise - at Donald Trump's latest comments.."
    I think her tweeting sugges

  2. The BBC seem to require all gender to suit a rainbow continuum of all shades and subtleties.
    But you only get two political options-binary, a la Henry Ford and his choice of cars.
    All BBC stories are BOB(Because of Brexit)-or else they`re DB(Despite Brexit). Bad news-good news respectively to the BBC hack.
    But, unfortunately for them, the gearstick has come away in their hands, as they pretend to still affect the engine and drive us all.
    The BBC are finished. They shriveled under Savile and now Trump has given us the salt to shake on them.

  3. Trump is really messing with the minds of the MSM - really taking them on re their misrepresentation of the inauguration attendance and the view of the CIA re Trump (Trump administration claiming he got a five minute ovation from CIA employees).

    Sean Spicer really effing them off! Not taking any qs. just walking off. Brilliant!

    BBC retaliating - confronting the Trump administration about the numbers. But the Trump numbers are based on camera shots "shortly before the inauguration address" shortly, BBC? Have you got no camera shots from DURING the inauguration address.

    [BTW - now just heard, as I predicted on an earlier thread, BBC are referencing "size matters" because Trump is claiming bigger numbers...]

  4. This door where they leave their opinions....?

  5. "Damien McGuinness (BBC correspondent. Berliner. Migrant. Presenter of DW Focus on Europe)" [my highlight]

    Berliner? So he's a doughnut?

  6. I'll have you know - or at least DW will - that he's not defined by national borders:

    "Like many Europeans today, his identity is a hotchpotch, not defined by national borders: born in Zambia, to a family with Irish roots, he grew up in England, did part of his studies in Germany, worked in France and Poland, before finding his spiritual homeland in Berlin in 2000 -- a city where most people have equally mixed-up backgrounds. Damien speaks German, French, Russian and English.

    Journalistically Damien has always been fascinated by Europe. He has reported from most countries in the EU and the former Soviet Union. And has served as the BBC’s Riga correspondent covering Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, before moving on to Tbilisi to cover Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan."

    A bit of a gadabout then. Or should one prefer, that handy all-purpose fashionable media term of choice: migrant.


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