Sunday 8 January 2017

A little list?

Does the editor of The Times's Red Box have a point here?

- Ken Clarke
- Sir Craig Oliver
- Nicola Sturgeon
- Steve Richards

P.S. For fans of irony: Ken Clarke began by complaining about a "hardline core of Eurosceptics", calling them "very hardline" and "real zealots". He said they believe in conspiracy theories and are on "a zealot crusade to leave the continent of Europe". His main complaint about them? That they are "turning everything into personal abuse", and that's "an unfortunate feature of our post-Brexit politics".


  1. News for Ken: we left the continent of Europe some 8000 years ago!

  2. Yes, he's right. I noticed the same thing myself. Every single segment had a moment or moments where Theresa May's leadership was questioned. The only time where it wasn't the guest doing that was Justine Greening's segment, and the point to having her on was to highlight that May has no plan, just more vague statements.


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