Saturday 21 January 2017

And finally...

Of course, there is one exception (that proves the rule). This exchange just in....
SKY NEWS NEWSDESK: A White House official has confirmed Prime Minister Theresa May will meet President Donald Trump this week. 
JOHN PRESCOTT: So on the same day that thousands of women marched against Trump, it's announced Theresa May is running to meet him. Sad. 
ANDREW NEIL: You really think the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should not meet the President of the United States? Seriously?


  1. I'm more interested in hearing some reliable estimates of how many people demonstrated in London. Clearly there were a great many in some American cities, but how about here - did the BBC pull it's usual trick of filming from a carefully chosen camera angle so that a few hundred might pass for several thousand?

    1. Well, Emily M is keeping her end up on the balance front, doing the nasty.

      I count eight.

    2. Her Twitter feed is in full-on activist mode at the moment.

    3. Emily M re-tweeted someone saying, "Just heard the National Guard Confirmed 1 Million in DC. The Largest Political Protest in History. #MillionWomensVoices".

      That's disputable. even if the 1 million figure is correct. There seems to have been two even-larger Washington DC protests: a pro-gay rights rally in 1993 & women's rights in 2004. both going over the million mark.

    4. Currently twitter in melt down as media lubbers (I'll leave that auto correction in) argue on who living in the city of Washington turned up or tuned in to the Norg. I still think the result delivered by shy, silent voters may carry more heft politically.

    5. This is one of those facts that such people never grasp. If several thousand people march, say, against Brexit and boast about how many people were on the march, yet the number (even at its most exaggerated) turns out to be fewer than the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU, then they are failing to remember than votes count more than the number of placards borne aloft on a few streets.

    6. If suspect you and I can kiss goodbye to any hopes of a BBC editorial sinecure.

  2. 300,000+ is a fair estimate for NYC. I was there, I saw it all.


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