Thursday 12 January 2017


Last night's Newsnight was going to talk about "Mark Carney's surprising announcement on the effects of Brexit" - as this screengrab from the BBC iPlayer shows:

In the end, however, they chose to drop the item and not report it at all.

They discussed pre-teenage transgender issues instead.


  1. Another good day for the BBC to bury 'bad' news - if it hadn't been the Trump business, they'd have found something else.

  2. They needed to switch to lighter, easier virtue-signaling after Stage Performer Maitlis was made to look like an establishment hack by Glenn Greenwald over the Trump 'dossier'.

    1. That really didn't go according to plan, did it?

    2. I had never heard of Glenn Greenwald before. Now that I see that he is a "left-wing" journalist it is not surprising that he was invited on to the BBC. Did the BBC expect expect the same quality of journalism from him as they subscribe to themselves?

      I listened to this interview on youtube and I was extremely impressed by the honesty of this true journalist - if the BBC employed people of this calibre they would maybe be worth the licence fee.
      A "left-wing" journalist and a "right-wing" journalist both interested in the truth. It was a breath of fresh air.

    3. Greenwald was the hero who published American hero/traitor Edward Snowdwn's stolen documents. I think he won a Pulitzer for it. The BBC lionized him at the time (as they used to do with St Julian until WikiLeaks made the Democrats look bad). To the BBC, he will have the moral authority they can appeal to regarding publishing secrets, which is why they brought him on Newsnight to discuss what Buzzfeed did.

      The thing is, they must have known Greenwald's position on publishing the document. A producer will have discussed the angle he was invited to take beforehand. This means either that they messed up big time and it was a shock, or they actually thought Stage Performer Maitlis was up to the task of defending the document. Either scenario makes Ian Katz and Co. look like absolute clowns.

  3. Well guess what. I've just spotted there's a programme on it on BBC2 at 9pm tonight.

    "Age 8 and Wanting a Sex Change (Documentary)

    Who Knows Best?"

    1. That 'Newsnight' feature was partly a plug for it.

      The BBC and their adverts!

  4. Oh It`s only the BBC.
    What else would they say? What else are they going to do?
    And about as predictable on the fact that Harriet Harmans book will be "Book Of The Week", and she`1l be feted by Jenni Murrys Womans Hour come the great day of its publishing.
    It`s what the BBC do-and we`re mug enough to pay.


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