Friday 13 January 2017

“Trump: ‘My cabinet is probably the greatest ever’”

The London Evening Standard's diary piece on the BBC's involvement in Donald Trump's famous press conference. This paragraph struck me as particularly interesting:
One thing that Trump couldn’t control were the deadpan captions on BBC News. “Trump: ‘Inauguration is going to be so elegant’” and “Trump: ‘My cabinet is probably the greatest ever’,” they read, illustrating PEOTUS’s modesty. Their author, the BBC’s Robert Coxwell, told of his temptation to go off piste. “Everyone who’s ever text produced will tell you their fantasies of putting a rude message on the ticker,” he tweeted. 
Robert's captions brought him a deluge of praise from admiring Twitterers (including lots of other journalists). Some said he'd "owned" Trump, others "trolled" Trump - and they loved it. It had made them laugh and laugh.

He himself tweeted the following about it:

  • Thanks for all the likes and follows! I'm not the ONLY person who writes onscreen straps - lest you spot a crap one...Role is shared. (1/3)
  • Job involves sitting in the on-air gallery literally typing words live onto the TV. Yes, sometimes it's VERY tempting...(2/3)
  • And yes, everyone who's ever Text Produced in TV news will tell you their fantasies of putting a rude message on the ticker...(3/3)   

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  1. They did the same positive messaging with The Obamessiah. Only then they believed it with all their hearts.


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