Sunday, 1 January 2017

Not a witness, silent or otherwise

The previous post mentioned Holby City

I only watched that (or the bit that mattered) because I'd read numerous people complaining about its anti-Brexit bias elsewhere.

I'm actually rather allergic to 'serious' BBC dramas of this kind. Years back I started to find them a bit preachy. Enduring episodes of them at other people's houses only confirmed that feeling (especially a fateful episode of Judge John Deed).

But still, it has to be said that as I very rarely watch BBC dramas I'm not really able to comment on the bias found (or not found) therein. 

A commenter at Biased BBC, however, wrote this yesterday about the new levels of 'selling the message' via such BBC programmes:
I think the bias in the form of programme propaganda is now reaching epic levels. A peruse of the current schedule will make you weep. Sherlock is on about Thatcher, Silent Witness is about illegal Syrian migrants; and BBC4 has a film about an Irish cross dresser. 
As I won't be watching any of them I couldn't possibly comment.

However, I will copy and paste the BBC Media Centre's preview of that episode of Silent Witness, as it sounds exactly like the kind of thing that's kept me away from 'serious' dramas of the Holby City kind for years (which may or may not be my loss!):


  1. Timothy may be seeking to work his way back into favour having blotted his copy book with a pro-Wakefield vaccine sceptical drama back in 2003.

  2. Curtesy of the referendum, I think the BBC has at last realised that the majority of the public don't agree with their way of looking at the World. The answer to this is obviously that the public need to be educated into seeing things the 'right' way. The means of achieving this they perceive is to flood every programme with positive messages of the lefty liberal sort.

  3. I don’t consider my self right wing and my wife doesn’t vote but we both have decided not to watch the 2nd episode of silent witness. Simple because we felt the left wing propaganda within the TV program left a bad taste in our mouths.