Monday, 2 January 2017

Nothing but the truth (1)

Radio 4 has started the week this week with The New World: Nothing but the Truth - a look at "post-truth". 

As the programme started I screengrabbed BBC presenter Jo Fidgen's Twitter feed blurb:

Ironically, having stated "Have opinions outside office hours" there, she almost immediately stated on Radio 4 programme this morning (during office hours):
I'll come clean. I'm a liberal. I'm flipping terrified. 
Curiously during the programme her Twitter feed's blurb changed. Less than half an hour after I screengrabbed the above, it now said:

Maybe she realised that she couldn't really get away with the "Have opinions outside office hours" bit after this programme (particularly after all  the social media feedback began coming in)?


  1. Yes Jo, post-truth is just short-hand for electoral results the liberal left like you don't like. You should have stopped there, instead of producing 45 minutes of biased.

    Jo was followed by 15 minutes of a Turkish lady in Zagreb (!) who was also noted as being left liberal. Then it's onto Women's Hour for more left liberal feminist prattle.

    Yes, the BBC has decided to go into full on campaiging mode for left liberal causes.

  2. Beam Me Up Mother Brown

  3. Don't forget, she's got short pink hair, and is obviously a lesbian.
    Don't worry, though, we liberals really are beginning to get it: we've spent 40-odd years trying to make the world a better place, a tolerant place, a decent place for all of humanity... and this is the backlash.
    Animal humanity, in all it's shut-minded, selfish grotesqueness is kicking back. We'll be back in the middle-ages in no time.

  4. Oh look, more vitriol from the tolerant left.

    Liberals: diverse of race; never of thought.