Sunday, 1 January 2017

The spice of life

Another very interesting piece in this week's Spectator - Looking homeward: Isolationism is a long and noble American tradition by Bill Kauffman - got me thinking about Radio 4's A Point of View and its excessive reliance of the occasionally hysterical left-liberal writer Adam Gopnik, whose anti-Trump, anti-populist diatribes are becoming regular features of Friday night and Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4. 

The obvious question is: why not offer Radio 4 listeners a range of different North American voices to 'represent' Radio 4's 'point of view' - including, say, Mr Kauffman, whose piece is wholly deserving of the British public's attention? Why not even have a pro-Trump speaker from time to time (even if they rarely talk politics)?

Wouldn't that be more interesting that just offering us the the same, safe, BBC-friendly predictable views re-cooked each week with ever-increasing amounts of curry powder? 

Mr Gopnik's latest piece advocates 'cosmopolitan patriotism' and opposes the 'nationalism' he associates with Putin, Trump and Marine le Pen, who - as Alan at Biased BBC puts it  - he sees as 'nasty nationalists with a hint of the Nazi'. 

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