Sunday, 8 January 2017

Very special

Given that the BBC News website has been splashing reports and articles about Donald Trump's tweets with gay abandon (there's even one now among the main stories on the BBC's home page), it will be interesting to see if the U.S. President-elect's latest tweet gets the full BBC treatment:

(Some wag - an Ozzie journalist - tweeted back, "Please don't grope her.")

The tweet was sent forth into the world some six hours ago but there's nothing yet from the BBC website - though that Ozzie journalist's quip might tempt BBC Trending to cover it in time!

On the same subject, James Naughtie has used the BBC website to sternly remind the Donald of his responsibilities:
A week or two before election day in November, one of his close associates told me that, if he won, Mr Trump had agreed that in office he would relinquish control of that Twitter account, because it would be inappropriate in the White House.
The satirists' loss, certainly. But, if it happens, a step into reality, at last.
Some day he has to stop being the candidate and playing that game, even though he enjoys it so much.
So the first great test for the Trump White House team is surely getting his finger off that keyboard.
Will he listen to Jim though? Does he avidly read the BBC News website? I have my doubts.

Maybe the BBC man should tweet the U.S. President-elect instead...

...though I really can't see James Naughtie ever managing to restrict himself to just 140 characters.

Update: The BBC home page does indeed now have an article on Donald Trump's Theresa May tweet. The second half of the article has the sub-headline Special relationship? and a re-hash of earlier disagreements over Nigel Farage.


  1. Naughtie always reminds me of one those Scots Calvinist ministers who lectures his congregation on the evils of drink before later retiring to his study to enjoy a bottle of whisky. I think it would be funny if Trump always gave Breitbart his press releases and hour before the rest of the media. :) Let's never forget his challenge to the MSM cameras at his rallies to actually film all around the auditorium, to show how many people were there: "They never do folks." He has no reason to indulge the MSM. He should carry on with direct communication with the American people and the world at large. The MSM have been proved multiple liars and baised by selection. They need to be taught a long lesson.

  2. The BBC these days is largely a platform for the opinions of its staff.

  3. "(Some wag - an Ozzie journalist - tweeted back, "Please don't grope her.")

    As Eric once said, 'there's a lot of it about'...

    Ask Dame Janet Rose QC. Not BBC FOI.