Sunday 8 January 2017


Regular readers of this blog might recall that I'm a fan of comedian Jake Yapp, defending him against all comers.

If you don't remember Jake, he's the guy behind this very funny take on Radio 4:

Well, Radio 4 has now given him his own series and he started his pilot show by gave the BBC studio audience an abbreviated version of that very routine. 

Interestingly, he dropped his open mockery of Jane Garvey, a gay-themed Woman's Hour drama and Radio 4 comedy, especially The Now Show - the latter perhaps wisely as he started (very occasionally) appearing on The Now Show soon after his original skit!!

Still funny though. 

And straight after came his declaration to "make a difference" through his new show, because:
Two million people are going to hear this. Two million really important people. Radio 4 listeners. People who cut things out of The Guardian and give them to relatives. World changers!
That made me laugh.

And he duly raged about the evils of TV advertising, which turned out to be non-political observational comedy....


....except that I never laughed once thereafter, other than at this antique Will Rogers quote: 
When I die, I want to die like my grandfather, who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.
I so wanted to like this.

(Question to self: Why did I post this? I like Jake. I want him to succeed. But I didn't find his show funny. Should I have kept this to myself? Yes.)

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