Sunday 29 January 2017

From another planet (to the BBC)

Talking of tweets, here are a selection from former Sky foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall - perhaps suggesting why he was never the BBC's foreign affairs editor!

  • Obama increased forced deportations by more than 20% compared to Bush. Not a peep from Horrified of Hampstead.
  • Wait, many countries ban Israelis from visiting!  I feel an outraged petition coming on.  Don't you?  Hello?  Hello? Oh, perhaps not.
  • Petition signers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your memories of not signing when China, Russia and S Arabia came here.
  • I've had an idea!  To show my outrage at banning people I will try to ban people!  Simples!

and in reply to a tweet saying, "Don't recall this fuss when Obama introduced similar ban in 2011? Short term/selective memory loss. Only because it's Trump": 
  • Yup, 6 month ban on Iraqis and ..... silence.  Sigh.  If the narrative don't fit  - people don't wear the cap.


  1. Tim Marshal is spot on.
    And how outraged is Jeremy Corbyn, for example, at Mahmoud Abbas’s promise that no Israeli (Jew) will be allowed to set foot in his ‘longed-for’ Palestinian state?

  2. Amazing! There's hope for British journalism yet. Poor man is going to be shunned professionally and socially now, though. I hope his children aren't threatened at school.

  3. It would be nice if Tim Marshall could be appointed as producer for From Our Home Correspondent.

    Set up last year as a way of smuggling in more pro-Remain opinion pieces into output, this trend continues.

    First up (01:05)was Dominic Casciani report on the historic Supreme Court judgement on Article 50 authorisation.

    No surprises on Dominic's Twitter account (doing his bit for an anti-Trump petition).

    Anyway DC gave a very partial and, frankly odd, account of the case replete with: cod cockney imitation of a pro-Brexit protestor (no imitations of pro-Remainers), predictable reference to death threats against Gina Miller (OK, arguably relevant, but when did the BBC last refer to the constant death threats against Farage, and no doubt Nuttall now?), a peculiar unresolved reference to the legal arguments re the devolved governments' rights (rejected by the SC Judges, though he doesn't make that clear) and - worst of all in my opinion - failure to inform listeners that the judges split 8-3, it clearly not being the cut and dried issue he wished to suggest. Also he accused the government of spinning. We know governments spin but I don't think it's appropriate for supposedly impartial BBC Editors to use that word as their own opinion. He could have found some other form of words.

    1. That's a very accurate and fair description of it.

    2. Casciani retweeted a lie from Bolt. The ban is on people from problem countries, not Muslims.

  4. Wow. A journalist with a sense of history, the absurd and comedic timing too? How the heck did HE get through?
    It takes real independence of mind not to have had yourself rechipped at liberal factory settings. like all your "colleagues in Beehive Centraal".
    Good stuff Tim-keep it coming , we`ll look out for you now!
    Mark Steyn of the future here?


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