Monday 19 May 2014

A Post in Five Rants

Famously, we don't do rants here at 'Is', but...

Rant the First

The past few weeks have been quite something, politically-speaking. 

As many of you will have noticed, there's been an all-out assault on UKIP from the media and the political class. 

I've never seen anything quite like it before. 

That the Tories seem to have been in cahoots with the Guardian says it all.

Some of you will blame the BBC, but the assault has come from all angles and the likes of the Daily Telegraph, the Times, the Spectator, the Daily Mail, Sky News and LBC have at least as bad as the BBC and the Guardian, if not worse

The Daily Telegraph has particularly shocked me. 

I don't mind if Dan Hodges writes ten attempted hatchet jobs a week on UKIP because he's just giving his opinion, but I do mind if the paper's political correspondents (people who claim to be more detached) suddenly start publishing blatant smears about the party. 

One such piece really made the scales fall from my eyes as someone (below the line) linked to what the UKIP member had actually written, and comparing that with what the Telegraph reporter said he'd written proved beyond doubt that the Telegraph reporter was deliberately casting the UKIP member's views in the worst possible light - i.e. smearing him, blatantly and unequivocally smearing him.

I will never trust that reporter again. 

Rant the Second

Tonight's PM had more Nigel Farage-bashing, courtesy of Nick Robinson, and then banged on about the Premier League boss Peter Scudamore and his evil sexist private emails to a friend on a works email system. 

Some of the same pack who are going after UKIP are now going after Mr Scudamore (including David Cameron and the BBC) and they won't be satisfied until they've got him sacked. 

If I could vote for Peter Scudamore this Thursday I would, just to spite them all. They deserve nothing less. 

Rant the Third

This kind of thing sometimes works in reverse. The Daily Mail has been smearing a BBC reporter today, namely Chris Rogers.

Chris Rogers and Panorama may have genuine questions to answer about this particular episode on racism and football in Poland and Ukraine, but Chris Rogers' goofing around with his BBC pals and doing a Basil Fawlty impersonation (goose-stepping with a finger under his nose) isn't a big deal. It may have been frivolous but it was a private joke mocking Nazis (and neo-Nazis) - a joke originally made on a classic BBC programme.

If you want to see a smear in action, just look at the Mail's opening paragraph: 
A BBC journalist was filmed giving a Nazi salute and goose stepping while filming a documentary about anti-Semitic football fans in Poland and Ukraine.
'Nuff said (as they say).

The most jaw-dropping thing here though is the po-faced, The Sun Has Got His Hat On-style panic that seemed to have engulfed the BBC when the 'gaffe' became known. 

Chris Rogers was made to confess to his crime and publicly apologise. He was "strongly reprimanded" by the BBC. There was an internal probe into his behaviour and he was dropped from Panorama. 

Utter madness!

As for me, well, I'll have two egg mayonnaise, a prawn Goebbels, a Hermann Goering, and four Colditz salads...

Rant the Fourth

Two-minutes hates. There's something Orwellian about them.

They hate Clarkson, that UKIP councillor who said something or other, Peter Scudamore, Nigel Farage, etc, and we hate James O'Brien, that UKIP-bashing audience member on Question Time, Heather Rabbatts, Chris Rogers, etc.

I hate two-minutes hates.

Rant the Fifth

I hate ranting. Grrrrrrrrr!!!


  1. Just enjoy it Craig!
    The liberal elite and their media windsocks are hogtied and stuffed...and their incoherent rage at (and serial gunking of) UKIP will surely get them bucketloads of votes.
    I myself see the liberal elite trying to fatten the rest of us up for Islam with the force-feeding of their bile and mock concersn...but we`ve gagged and know what`s occurring.
    It`ll be a long slog-but I expect that the fightback has started, and Nigel is only the vehicle...and he`s a better bet for the odious political class than what will follow if we don`t get a voice soon.

  2. Clegg, as Deputy PM accusing me of being 'Unpatriotic' because I don't support his European aspirations - bloody cheek! Accordingly I am handing back my 'Flying award' for services in the past at the bottom of the world. I now want no association with such opinion from this superficial Government of Metropolitan suits...

  3. The principal characteristics of Clegg are that he is duplicitous, smarmy, and a bit dim (ideal material for the EU Commission, where he could follow the example of that strutting, arrogant hog Kinnock). He really doesn't get it that we don't take his word for something simply because he has said it. What is genuinely surreal about Clegg is him reaching for the word "patriotic" when, at another time, he would have been stood against a wall as a traitor for the aid he is giving in keeping the UK, effectively, an occupied country (that is, occupied by the EU).

    It's hard for me to express the depths of contempt I have what the BBC has become in my lifetime. The BBC is now a license-fee funded multiculturalist lobby group. Its gurning and yakky/giggly presentation of the news is so far removed from what the news used to be that it is revolting. What we have today is "Loose Women" instead of the news. Now I am not for a moment criticising the programme "Loose Women." From what I gather, it targets a specific audience, and serves it very well. I just don't want the news presented in that way. And do I actually care what someone I don't know thinks about the news? Of course not. If the BBC wants to give people somewhere to "have your say", give them a f*cking blog. Don't waste my time with it on air please.


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