Thursday 22 May 2014

Anti-UKIP BBC News Channel editor taken off BBC's election coverage

Back on the Jasmine Lawrence story, the Daily Mail has more reaction
Mrs Lawrence had been due to help lead BBC News coverage of today’s local and European elections, but the corporation last night said she had been removed from that role as it launched an internal investigation. 
A BBC spokesman said: 'Jasmine Lawrence was tweeting from a personal account. She has been reminded of her responsibilities to uphold BBC guidelines. She has deactivated her Twitter account and will now be playing now part in the BBC's election coverage in coming days.'
Last night, Mr Farage called for Ms Lawrence to be removed from her post.
He said: ‘We have seen during this campaign a lack of debating the real issues of the European Election by the other parties.
‘Now for this senior figure in the BBC to show such prejudice when she works for the public service broadcaster is astonishing.
‘If the BBC are serious about challenging bias she should be fired immediately.’

Update: In an earlier post I wrote, "Guido Fawkes has 'done a DB' (internet slang, 'to catch out a BBC reporter/editor's bias by monitoring their Tweets')".

Actually he hadn't. DB himself had 'done a DB' and then gifted it to Guido. 

As he himself writes at Biased BBC
I have fewer than 170 followers on Twitter but in the past week I’ve forced one senior BBC journalist [Mantej Deol] to apologise for tweeting nasty remarks about a Tory MP and made a BBC editor delete her entire Twitter account. I would urge any of you not on Twitter to sign up – doesn’t matter how few followers you have, if you use your account wisely you can make a difference.
DB has been using his account wisely for some time, and scored many goals against the biased BBC. Like it or not, Twitter really is one of the best ways of taking the fight to the BBC.

Further update: DB's scoop was also reported at (of all places) the Huffington Post UK

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