Saturday 17 May 2014

Anxiety Attack

Oh dear Lord, this looks bad. 

Here's Radio 4 Sunday's itinerary for tomorrow. (Just to quote the Sunday website is enough to show the sheer scale of the bias to come.)

Read on and weep:
The Archbishop of Canterbury has published guidance on tackling homophobia in Church of England schools. But how does the church square this message with its opposition to same-sex marriage? Rev Jan Ainsworth and Bishop Alan Wilson discuss.
Edward looks ahead to Pope Francis' upcoming historic and politically sensitive visit to the Holy Land with Vatican Correspondent for the Irish Times Paddy Agnew.
How do you rebuild trust in business? Kevin Bocquet reports on a new plan to do just that with 'do unto others as they would do to you' at its heart.
An Iranian cemetery which is the resting place of ten Baha'i women who refused to recant their faith in 1983 is being demolished by the country's Revolutionary Guard. Edward talks to a member of the Bhai community in Britain whose sister is buried in the cemetery.
As a nun continues to power her way through the Italian version of musical talent show The Voice, Father Ray Kelly, an Irish Catholic priest who's own interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" went viral on YouTube last month, tells us what it's like juggling a vocation and a music career.
Edward talks to philosopher Roger Scruton about his new book The Soul of the World and asks him about his defence of the Anglican Church.
Phil Mercer reports on the Australian Church leaders calling for a wholesale review of the way the government treats asylum seekers in the offshore processing centre in Papua New Guinea.
As the National September 11 Memorial Museum opened this week Edward talks to Matt Wells about the row over a museum film some say unfairly links Islam and terrorism.
Yep, it's 'homophobia' again and 'an Anglican row' again, Ed Stourton talking about Pope Francis again (like he does every flipping week), Paddy Agnew again, goodness knows what rubbish about Israel again, doubtless the usual 'moral' left-wingery about the failings of business again, some Vatican II-style stuff to annoy Catholic traditionalists again, more of Phil Mercer's biased reporting about Australia's tough immigration policies again, and the inevitable whinging from Muslim groups about their being linked to terrorist acts like 9/11 again.

Roger Scruton notwithstanding....I can hardly wait to listen to it. 

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  1. Phil Mercer's one of those reporters who simply have no idea how to deliver a script, consistently stressing the wrong words, etc. This type was very popular with the BBC about 20 years ago (in fact, I think an inability to modulate the voice properly was a specific requirement): I thought the breed had more or less died out, but Mercer's an obvious throwback that they must have dredged up from the depths of the Pacific.

    From your description, this morning's edition sounds like it was pretty grim fare, but fair do's - unless one's a card-carrying member of the Revolutionary Guard the item on the Baha'i cemetery demolition sounds like it was some serious reporting.


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