Wednesday 21 May 2014

Is Michael Crick Romanian? No, he's English.

The insults, smears and downright lies heaped on UKIP over the past few weeks by large sections of the media, much of the political class and the nastier kind of political activists have been just jaw-dropping (and very disillusioning), so it's something of a relief to find that one or two 'old media' types still have enough integrity to 'do the right thing' when an anti-UKIP smear is unfolding before their eyes.

As Alan at Biased BBC noted yesterday, the BBC's home page featured Street clashes force Nigel Farage no-show as one of its lead stories. Among the activists hurling insults at UKIP were what the BBC article described as "Romanians carrying banners". (That reference has now been removed).

Unfortunately for those 'offended' "Romanians" (h/t Breitbart London), a BBC reporter called Paul Lambert had his brain engaged and brilliantly exposed them as being fakes. (Paul Lambert's name may not be familiar but his voice certainly is. He's the guy who always yells things at politicians as they enter 10 Downing Street. His nickname - which you may have heard of - is 'Gobby'). Channel 4's Michael Crick joined in and made the exposé complete. 

Good on them for exposing another deliberate, utterly dishonest smear against UKIP.

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