Wednesday 28 May 2014

Going for Gold?

ITV's Tom Bradby had something of a scoop today when 'a senior government source' told him that Sebastian Coe is "the clear front runner" [just like he was in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics] to take over from Chris Patten as Chairman of the BBC Trust. 
There are a few hurdles left to clear and obstacles that can be placed in his way, but I am told he is interested and that he enjoys the firm support of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor. Given that this is basically a Number Ten appointment, that should more or less settle it. 
The prospect of one Conservative peer replacing another Conservative peer as head of the BBC Trust has already got the massed hordes of the left-wing Twitterati up in arms, squealing "#BBCBIAS!" at the top of their shrill voices and bemoaning the fact that this would be the second time that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition has appointed a Conservative peer to head the BBC Trust.

It's a little more complicated than that of course. 

If appointed Conservative Lord Coe would take over from acting BBC Trust chairman Diane Coyle who, controversially, advised Labour on competition policy from 2011. She, of course, is holding office following the resignation of Conservative Lord Patten. Lord Patten succeeded Sir Michael Lyons, a former Labour Party councillor, who in turn followed Sir Michael (now Conservative Lord) Grade, the BBC Trust's first head.

There's an awful lot of politics (of the Conservative-Labour variety) there, isn't there?

What if the BBC and the government were to choose from outside the political elite/establishment box though? 

I admit it's vanishingly unlikely [100% unlikely in fact] but, were it to happen, I'm officially ruling myself out of contention, here and now. I'm too politically partisan [as some of my recent posts probably made clear].

Sue, on the other hand, isn't politically partisan at all [well, not in a party political way anyway]. She would make a great Chairwoman of the BBC Trust. 

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that she might be a little too busy to take it on, but we can all keep our fingers crossed nonetheless, and - if it happens - don't forget: You read it here first. (And so much then for Tom Bradby and his so-called 'scoops'!)


  1. Sue - "To busy to take it on"!

    Blimey; too busy to work a few days a month for a very good salary (plus perks).

    You are pulling our legs!

  2. Lord Coe would be a great choice. Fat Pang patten was only ever a CHINO (conservative in name only) .and would have been equally happy in the Labour party as long as he was in a position of power.


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