Sunday 11 May 2014

The principle of the matter

Did you spot how Chris Mason, standing in for Eurovisionophile Paddy O'Connell on this morning's Broadcasting Houseintroduced LBC presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer with a clip where Bob Crow challenged her over her political views, but then introduced Lord Robert Winston as being a scientist with a lot of words after his name, and plenty before? 

The latter is certainly the case, as Robert Winston's full title is 'The Right Honourable Professor The Lord Winston, FMedSci FRSA FRCP FRCOG FIBiol FREng(Hon)'

What Chris Mason (a BBC political correspondent) didn't mention is that Lord Winston is also a Labour Party peer, which is something that might have been thought relevant during a newspaper review when political subjects often arise and opinions are sought. 

Thankfully, Lord Winston - except for one dig at the coalition's Care Bill - wasn't very partisan, so no real harm was done. 

Still it's the principle of the matter. Harrumph.


Actually, like Chrish in the comments, I liked Chris Mason's presentation of today's BH. He should do it more often. 

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  1. Chris Mason seemed better than the smug, self satisfied Paddy O Connell.
    But same old crap-the Emma Jane Kirby piece from the St Tropez region where they elected an FN Mayor was the usual reflex idiocy that is par from the BBC.
    Still-she got a free trip to bash UKIP from somewhere nice.
    Looking forward to voting UKIP later this month-if it holes the likes of Emma Jane I`d be failing in my duty if I didn`t...


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