Sunday 25 May 2014

Bad thoughts

Since everyone is talking openly about sensitive things at the minute, let’s just mention the Tweeting thing. “My thoughts are my own” isn’t a very effective disclaimer, but even if it were - shouldn’t the similarity of the thoughts that they claim are “their own” ring alarm bells with anyone that cares to give the matter some thought?  Think about it.  
It has to be more than a coincidence that in a massive organisation with millions of staff and a policy of diversity, impartiality and gender equality, practically the entire cadre of BBC Tweeters’ thoughts come from a Labour-supporting Obama-loving, pro Palestinian perspective? 

And, in any case, is it realistic to expect these thoughts to be scrupulously cast aside whenever the professional hat goes on, only allowing them free reign in a strictly unprofessional capacity whilst wearing strictly unprofessional hats. 

Since they seem to Tweet periodically, day or night, it conjures up images of hasty change-hattery. Baseball caps worn backwards come to mind, and beanies. On off, on off, like those props impressionists used to use to denote a change of character. Turn away, turn back, wearing another hat, pair of glasses, false 'tache.

You don’t get those kind of impressionists on television these days. It’s a shame, when you see how lampoonable today’s leading politicos are. Nigel Farage sometimes wears a hat, too. He reminds me of Archie Andrews - just think of all that wasted potential now that impressionists and ventriloquists are out of fashion.  My wistful hat with a feather is making me digress.
Archie Andrews

Nigel Farage?

I don’t believe  that when Mary Hockaday or Helen Boaden sends a memo reminding staff not to do it, that either of them seriously believe not Tweeting in “bias” would solve the problem. I mean they’re saying “don’t get caught” rather than “don’t let groupthink affect your professionalism.” And if they seriously mean that they don’t think groupthink is a good thing for a massive organisation with millions of staff and a policy of diversity, impartiality and gender equality to have, they should get some new ones. Staff, not hats.

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