Wednesday 21 May 2014

"Jewish Extremists Have Gone Too Far" and other stories.

Craig and I are sorry to observe that John Laurenson, whom Craig formerly regarded as fair, and shall I say... ‘healthy’  - is showing some worrying symptoms.

I can only assume Laurenson has succumbed to a contagion that is sweeping the country -  shall I say ... a pandemic? 

Diagnosis: an acute case of BBC groupthink. Prognosis :uncertain.

If these opening remarks strike you as alarmist, and - shall I say obscurantist ... very sorry indeed, but read BBC Watch and all will be revealed.

Laurenson went off to Bethlehem where no man has been before; to boldly go in search of the answer to a mystery that is baffling us all. (The strange disappearance of Christians in the very Holy Land.) 

Hercule Poirot he is not. Not only was he fooled by the first red herring he met, but he completely failed to notice the fishy smell. 

In other words, he was taken in, hook line and sinker, by a known activist - an interested party - someone with an axe to grind and - shall I say... a motive; and whether through gullibility, lack of curiosity or straightforward Groupthink -  he took the weapon, aimed it in the wrong direction and fired.


Here’s one for Ed Stourton and Paddy Agnew

1) Tempt suspected Groupthinker with irresistible, compelling scenario.
2) Once they’re hooked, (immediately) slowly pan out, revealing stark truth.

Unbeknownst to the Groupthinker, you’d cunningly turned the situation on its head, and now they’re forced to confront the uncomfortable truth. Or not as the case may be.

Addendum (Craig): John Laurenson has beached himself, reputation-wise, with that programme. I'd urge everyone who hasn't read BBC Watch's take on it to give it a read. 

It all goes to show that you shouldn't judge a BBC reporter on the strength of just a couple of fine reports. 

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