Wednesday 21 May 2014

'Pricks', 'normos', UKIP and Robert Peston

It's UKIP Night tonight here at Is the BBC biased? (and, very unusually for me, being - generally-speaking - a politically indecisive man, it will be UKIP Day for for me tomorrow), so..

An eagle-eyed soul at Biased BBC has spotted a revealing re-tweet from Robert Peston, no less. He re-tweeted something from saxophonist Pete Fraser (who's saxed for the Pogues no less).

Many of Pete's recent tweets have been anti-UKIP. (He's even played the 'racist' card against them).

Here's what Robert Peston chose to re-tweet from him:

Yes, I think we know who you mean, Pete. And I think we know that Robert Peston knows who you mean too, Pete.

I've got a soft spot for Robert Peston. I like him. Still...he's obviously no UKIP voter.

As we can see from his (oh-so-very-impartial) re-tweet.


  1. I think that the blizzard of sneers and echo chamber abuse aimed at UKIP was intended more to buoy themselves up and burnish their paste medals in the "fight against the plebs, the beige civilians and the drabs".
    In short-talking over our heads and trying to impress each other...but showing themselves up for being nasty, privileged, intolerant and truly wicked.
    We the people have seen it-and it will not be forgiven or forgotten.
    The nature of the Beast is all too clear-hope UKIP get the chance to muck out the barn...I`m voting for it, and will pray for success for them.

    1. It's so dispiriting though.
      One of my favourite columnists is 'Telegraph' blog editor Damian Thompson.
      He's on my wavelength in so many ways. His anti-UKIP missives have been more subtle than some of his colleagues, but it's a kind of subtlety that only an imbecile could fail to see though.
      His latest piece on UKIP's Croydon 'carnival' is typical of this. "How we all laughed at [it]", he said, ignoring those 'fake Romanians'.
      Did "we" all laugh at it? Did we hell.
      The BTL comments are giving him short shrift.
      Hopefully the British electorate will too tomorrow.


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