Thursday 1 May 2014

Recommended reading

BBC Watch has posted a series of articles forensically deconstructing Jeremy Bowen’s recent series of reports about the expiration of the Middle East ‘peace deadline’, Mahmoud Abbas’s joint venture with Hamas and John Kerry’s clumsy remarks about Israel and apartheid.

The latest post reveals some relevant background (which Bowen’s reporting conceals) surrounding the ‘man-in-a-cave’ broadcast, in which a Palestinian man is presented to us as a helpless victim of Israeli racism, when in fact Khaled al-Zeer is a known agitator with a criminal record. There’s a pattern here, the BBC taking at face value tales of faux victimhood and relaying them to all and sundry on air. 

There have been several erudite articles online explaining why PM Netanyahu could never have accepted the alliance between the PA and Hamas, but the BBC doesn’t appear to have read them.

This is by Khaled Abu Toameh, who is a regular writer for the Gatesone Institute. His summary is a more credible insider’s view than anything the BBC is ready willing or able to come up with. 

But the most powerful summary of the current situation is written by Colonel Richard Kemp  which I commend to the house. Okay I’m not an MP, so here’s some excerpts. No, actually, I won’t chop it up. It’s so good you have to read it all.

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