Saturday 24 May 2014

Pope “At odds with Israel”

We’ll have to watch out for Quentin Sommervilles’ bizarre take on the Pope’s attitude to Israel. He got off to a bad start when he announced that the Vatican is ‘At odds with Israel because Pope Francis favours a two-state solution’ and went on to say that Israel sees Jerusalem as their capital “unlike the rest of the world”, although that particular bit isn’t in the clip shown here. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Sunday programme.


  1. In his commentary on the BBCs' main online story about this, Jeremy Bowen manages a 3-1 bias in the expected direction, encompassing three statements of 'what Palestinians want/say' and just one of what (he says) the Israelis want. Typical.

  2. And Quentin was able to tell BBC24 that the number of Christians were dwindling in Jordan and the rest of the Holy Land.
    No reasons given apart from some difficulties in Syria and Iraq...and absolutely NO connection to what Islam does to its "fellow people of the Book" thereabouts.
    No-dwindling Christians in no way linked to Islamic violence and persecution, No sirree!
    Maybe there`d be more Christians if they approved more of women bishops and same-sex marriages locally...ah bless!


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