Sunday 18 May 2014

Only Connect

I suppose it would be quite hard to calculate how many news items over, say the last couple of years, were Islam-related, and then perhaps to compare that number with all non-Islam related news put together.

Apart from turmoil in the “Arab World” and Africa, there is no shortage of Islam-related violence in the West. The Trojan Horse phenomenon is taking place right under our noses and the Islamisation, or normalising of alien practices in areas where there is a high proportion of Muslims in Britain and Europe.

Certain crimes seem to be committed, disproportionately, by ‘Asians’. There is the Halal meat controversy, all manner of cultural incompatibilities and a serious problem with radicalisation in our prisons and universities. 

One way and another, negative stories about Islam abound, and the BBC can play them down with all its might, but simply can’t avoid them all. 

Their only recourse seems to be to separate Islam-lite from Islam-extra, in other words, use the phrase “Al Qaeda terror” rather than Islamic terror, insist that terrorism and violence in the name of Allah is a perversion of something called the real Islam. (like the real IRA?)  They put up straw men, such as indignant condemnation of people who say ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ (have you ever heard anyone actually say that?) and invent euphemisms to avoid confronting the truth, in a perversion of something called reality.

So, whatever uncivilised, violent, undemocratic, misogynistic, stark raving bonkers Islam-related incidents occur, and however unavoidable the conclusion that there is a definite relationship between these things and Islam, there is one straightforward connection that can’t be made. That is simply acknowledging the obvious, unpalatable nature of the Israel Palestine conflict.

People can decipher a complicated word grid, but they can’t solve this mystery with or without Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Boko                 Suicide          Al               Grooming 

Bomb           Martyr           Hamas         Sharia

Palestine                Gangs           Haram               Shabab 

Sea                   Kuffar          Hezbollah     Apostasy

The BBC won’t say it, the public won’t admit it and the world says: whateva’.

After dwelling on price-tag attacks on this morning’s Sunday programme, Paddy Agnew stated that Jerusalem is very important, don’t you know, “to Christians --- and Jews, but also for Islam”; as Craig said, Edward was more interested in discussing what hard-line Zionists are doing to the Christians in Jerusalem. Pope Francis better watch out! He might get spray-painted.

If you search online for ‘price-tag attacks’ against Christians up pop pages and pages of reports of anti-Christian graffiti by right-wing Israeli Zionists, but amongst them there are pieces describing attacks, far worse than graffiti, aimed at Christians, by Muslims.
Christie Anastas is a brave Palestinian lady confronts-anti-israel-lies who has had death threats for speaking out.

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  1. And omissions in news reporting such as in the sports news on Radio 4 neglecting to mention the championship European Basketball final in Milan which Israel's Tel Aviv Maccabi won.


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