Sunday 19 July 2015

Aren't we?

His latest Observer piece worries about the closed minds and almost religious intolerance of the Corbyn camp, and compares such zealous camp followers to parts of the political Right:
If you find the religious comparison far-fetched, spend a week reading the Daily Mail or Telegraph, and notice how Corbyn’s equivalents on right [sic] also fence themselves off from contrary arguments. They don’t allow one good word about the EU, BBC or trade unions to disturb the certainties of true believers. Both sides behave as if they fear their ideologies are like badly woven rugs. Let one thread come loose, tolerate one moment of doubt, and their entire political personas will unravel. 
Well, I don't think that can be said of either me or Sue, can it? We are more than prepared to say a good word about the BBC, when they deserve it, aren't we (and blow the certainties of the true believers!)?

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  1. Though Cohen is often on the right side of the fence, he does bounce around a lot.


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