Sunday 26 July 2015

Not a fan of Boris?

BBC Scotland's Sarah Smith is much more used to being accused of anti-SNP, anti-independence bias by massed armies of furious cybernats, so this post might make a pleasant change for her...

Here's her not-entirely-impartial-sounding take on Boris on the 'Marr Show':
Well, if you're trying to combine being Mayor of London and being and MP and having a newspaper column and write a book at the same time, it doesn't look as if you're terribly serious about your politics, does it?
Or it might look as if you're very serious about your politics, Sarah - i.e. very ambitious - if all of that effort is essentially directed towards the goal of becoming prime minister of our wonderful United Kingdom.


  1. How did she get her job one wonders...

    1. Daughter of the late John Smith, leader of a certain political party.

  2. Danny Cohen's girl power obsession seems to be blinding him to other 'isms that may yet run afoul of the PC crowd.

    Yes, men are an endangered species, even if 'artistic', and of course any female with a skewed moral compass on Israel is tickedy-boo, but I do note that the hideously white lady end is also very, very blonde.


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