Friday 10 July 2015

"Expect the climate change deniers to get fired up"


  1. Does anyone deny climate CHANGE (of some sort) is taking place. I can't imagine they do. It would be a brave soul who said the climate was going to be exactly the same in 100 years as it is now.

  2. It's a religion. Deny Jesus, if you can, heretic!

  3. Australia is killing more small furry mammals than anyone. Apparently.

    And it's all the fault of the government. Apparently.

    Oddly, not a JonDon, but a new one from a growing bureau out there evidently keen to fill his shows on the bashing the hosts front.

    I read it on BBC Facebook, and as this allows comments unmodded, a few pointed out that quite a lot of small, furry problems seem to be more down to unwelcome British imports.

    But this was a different time. Apparently.


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