Saturday 25 July 2015

"Why Aussies are the world's biggest losers"

If there's one thing I think we can be pretty sure about it's that the BBC's former Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison hasn't exactly warmed to his re-assignment as the BBC's Australia correspondent. Or to Australia. Or to (non-Muslim) Australians. His contempt for each and every one of them has been palpable.

You may have heard his latest report from a few days ago - now published online too - into how bad Australia's gambling problem is. It was a complete jeremiad (a word coined in honour of Jeremy Bowen's reporting from Israel, obviously).

I will admit that I was instantly sceptical about how genuinely concerned JonDon was about this, merely suspecting him of cynically going for the usual heart-tugging, unbalanced sort of award-winning stuff that he does so 'well'...

...but it was only when I saw one of his latest tweets that I just knew for sure what JonDon really thought. The cynicism is there for all to see. (Who says a BBC reporter's Twitter feed doesn't mirror his reporting?)

That tweet really isn't helping to diminish my feeling (much repeated here at ITBB) that JonDon needs moving urgently to somewhere completely different - namely Antarctica. 

Quite why the BBC can't see what their star reporter is up to down under is beyond me. It is obvious, isn't it?


  1. Compared with 99.9% of the planet, Sydney looks like heaven on earth.

    Yeah - I think he's got a real problem.

  2. I wish I had emigrated there when I was younger. They are not exactly losers at cricket and rugby. Weather, scenery and wildlife is pretty good. And their wine is not bad. Aussies are down-to-earth and probably not sophisticated enough for Beeboid intellectuals like Donnison. I rather like them !


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