Saturday 18 July 2015

No advertising on the BBC, eh?

In fairness to Evan Davis, at least he did put one striking question to James Purnell during that Newnsight debate with Stephen Glover:
Well, let's take an example of this, James Purnell. Should the BBC have a weather app? There are lots of weather apps out there, right? The BBC has a very good weather app. It's been advertised quite heavily on BBC television. No other weather app has that privilege of being advertised on a mainstream channel. Is that right? I mean, the Mail might want to have a weather app.
The BBC is full of adverts. Whether its TV or radio, programmes are almost always separated by adverts (sometimes several). It's just that all the adverts are for the BBC itself.

Should it have a weather app though?


  1. Who gives a monkey's toss ?

    1. I used to have a maths teacher who often wondered aloud about various monkeys' tosses.

      It was one of his catchphrases. I will never forget that.

      He was a wonderful, inspiring teacher in many ways, but very,very sarcastic and scary. (Pink Floyd's "dark sarcasm in the classroom" could almost have been written about him).

      Given his cropped moustache, prickly personality, dark clothing and excitable hand gestures, he was universally nicknamed "Hitler".

      It didn't help that he was astonishingly outspoken (even to me, as a hormone-riven teenager) about his will to power regarding his desire to become the school's deputy head. If he had tanks at his disposal he would unquestionably have used them to invade the headmaster's office.

      Come to think of it, I might pass this anecdote on to the editor of 'The Sun'. He could do a splash on it tomorrow (in the 'Sun on Sunday), and maybe Radio 4 could follow it up and spend most of tomorrow morning making a mountain out of a molehill about it.

    2. LOL ! He sounds like "my kind of guy" as they may say on the BBC. Do you have any photos of him saluting ?


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