Saturday 11 July 2015


Marie Keyworth

For those tracking the BBC's obsessive interest in Gaza, today's From Our Own Correspondent - a particularly egregious programme in that respect - ended with yet another yarn from that particular unoccupied territory. 

The story was a heart-warming, romantic one - a tale of stolen kisses - set, BBC-style, against a heart-breaking story of fear and depression, caused by Israeli bombs during last year's conflict - and fear of Israeli bombs to come. 

(And Gaza, again, was portrayed as one of the most densely-populated places on earth.)

To be honest, sometimes - listening to programmes like this (always beautifully crafted) - it feels like being slapped around the head with a wet-yet-elegant-but-still-extremely-relentless kipper. (Not that I've ever actually been slapped around the head by any such thing). 

The BBC I'd like to support wouldn't fixate so much on the object of a fashionable "progressive" cause. It would range far and wide instead, across all countries on all continents, absorbed in discovery whilst remaining as disinterested as possible. 

From thirty of so years of listening to FOOC, I know they can do it. They often just choose not to.


  1. There are lots of tragic places around the world (including Rotheram) that the BBC seems completely unobsessed with.

    I'd like to hear more from Kashmir, Tibet, Moldova, Western Sahara, Congo, South Sudan...

  2. Just watched her piece on St Louis in Senegal but kept getting distracted by her @$$ and calves in snug-fitting pair of jeans. Oh well…


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