Tuesday 14 July 2015

"Nobody in Iran has threatened you for a very long time"

Danny Danon, Israel’s Minister of Science, appeared on the BBC World Service's Newshour earlier. In a remarkably loud voice, the BBC presenter challenged him in the following fashion:
But you’re not under threat by Iran. Nobody in Iran has threatened you for a very long time. You’re harking back to a time when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened Israel directly.

As Honest Reporting points out - with some graphic examples - this statement is simply untrue. 

Within the past year, Ayatollah Khamenei has unambiguously repeated his calls for the destruction of Israel, and with the past few days, former president Hashemi Rafsanjani has also expressed his hope that Israel will be wiped off the map.

Was this extreme ignorance or bias from the BBC presenter? 

P.S. The loud-voiced BBC presenter, if you were wondering, was Razia Iqbal. No BBC novice she.


  1. Honest Reorting says ignorance, I say bias. Razia Iqbal, in a hectoring tone, insists that Israel is not under threat. A neutral enquiring journalist would have just asked Danon why he felt Iran was a threat to Israel. If his Lordship Hall hasn't got too much on his plate at the moment, perhaps he could confirm whether or not 'Iran no threat to Israel' is official BBC policy.

  2. Bias, bias, bias.

  3. It's bias, and consistent with previous events. Libya: not a threat. Sadaam: not a threat. Syria: not a threat. Rwanda: not a threat (and it's an African problem which must be solved by other black people). Bosnia: not a threat. Somalia: not a threat. As usual they will shed crocodile tears later, "Oh, if only we had been able to prevent this genocide. Never again!"

    No conspiracy, no memo from on high, no editorial directive to keep them all reading the same script. They do it of their own volition because they all think that way anyway, have done for decades.

  4. "As Honest Reporting points out - with some graphic examples - this statement is simply untrue"

    To repeat... Lord Hall and others have only recently informed me not only how much I trust the BBC for its information and education, but I love it too.

    These are not true either.


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